SISTERLOOPS are nasty academics,
strictly wild, brutally feminine,
we are amplified knives.
material – cuts and whines, scratches, bursts and shrieks_
physical – direct action_ savage_
script / lyrical / narrative_
who speaks and who makes noise?_
II: . . . :II

SISTERLOOPS is a performative sound art- and noise duo, a collaboration between the two artists, Marie Gavois and Alexandra Nilsson.
Gavois and Nilsson have been collaborating since 2014.
The duo is based in Stockholm, Sweden and Duisburg, Germany.

For SISTERLOOPS, sound, action and image are always equal components of their work.
They expose details and frictions; they turn severity into wilderness.

– creating artificial sound space – enlarge and visualizing sound – aggressive gestures –
brutality – the sensibility of the specific – manual, analogue loops –