–  a performative sound work by Sisterloops
Premiered Septmember 10 at Fylkingen – New Music and Intermedia in Stockholm, Sweden

Excerpts (1-5) from the premiere, September 10 2022
at Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art, Stockholm, Sweden


Photo: Michel Klöfkorn


CRASH RIDE6 is a further development of Sisterloop’s work with the Cymbal as material; visually, sonically and contextually. Massive bass frequencies and interferences, rhythmic, industrial references.  Floating textures and singing metal.  //: Analog loops ://    

The stage consists of 60 cymbals in various conditions; used and more or less defect. All of them have their own individual noise, rattle, crackle, clatter. The cymbals have been smashed mainly by punk and rock drummers, during concerts, in rehearsal rooms and in clubs around Stockholm in Sweden and the Ruhr area in Germany. 

CRASH RIDE6 is Sisterloops most extensive cymbal project until now. Developed at Elektronmusikstudion, Fylkingen and during a two week residency at Maschinenhaus Essen in Germany. The work is based in a profound research of various electroacoustic techniques and in collaboration with the programmer and composer Fredrik Olofsson.

Photo: Anna Drvnik


Thank you Fylkingen, Elektronmusikstudion, Maschinenhaus Essen, Fredrik Olofsson, Simon Dümpelmann, Sascha Djäzz, Magdalena Meitzner, Ulrik Nilsson, Michel Klöfkorn, Johanna Yasirra-Kluhs, Anna Drvnik, Jenny Soep, Rees Archibald, Pedro Martinez.

This piece is developed with support from Musikverket, Kunststiftung NRW, Region Stockholms Helge Ax:son Johnsons Kulturstiftelse, Konstnärsnämnden.